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Annotations highlight the contents of your videos, saving viewers' time, and making your videos more engaging.

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For Professional Education
— Adding annotations to educational videos saves viewers' time, and turn the videos into versatile resources that can be easily referenced in the future.

For Consumer Content
— Consumer videos such as cooking videos, makeup tutorials, and gaming videos can be made more interactive and engaging with annotations. Cooking steps and other important bits of information (such as ingredient lists) can be annotated to make the video more useful.

For Lectures, Presentations, and Talks
— Long informational videos such as lectures and talks are chalked full of information, but can be difficult to navigate. Annotations help highlight topics and key pieces of information, so that it's easier for viewers to find the information they need.

How does it work?

Upload Video To YouTube

Annotated does not host your video, but integrates with video platforms like YouTube. You can skip this step if your video is already on YouTube.

Add Annotations on Annotated

Add annotations to your YouTube video (or any public YouTube video) after creating an Annotated account.

Embed or Share Annotated Video

Embed the Annotated video on your site just like you would a YouTube video, or share the Annotated video link.


$0 per video

For businesses and individuals looking to add basic annotation functionality to their videos.

  • All of our standard features
  • Annotated branding on your video player
$10 per video

For businesses and professionals serious about improving their site's video experience.

  • All of our standard features
  • No Annotated branding on your video player
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For businesses and enterprises who rely on video.

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  • 10 free Annotated Pro videos included
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