Make your videos interactive.

Transform your videos with interactive annotations that highlight the contents of your videos.

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For Publishers
Monetize your videos with interactive user experiences. Highlight products in your videos with link annotations.

For Education
Adding annotations to educational videos saves viewers' time, and turn the videos into versatile resources that can be easily referenced in the future.

How does it work?

Upload Video To YouTube

Annotated integrates directly with YouTube — upload your video there, and you're all set!

Add Annotations

Once your video is on Youtube, the next step is to add annotations on Annotated.

Embed Video

Embed the Annotated video on your site just like you would a regular YouTube video.



For businesses and individuals looking to manually annotate their videos.

  • All of our standard player features
  • Manually annotate your own videos
  • Annotated branding on your video player
$1 per video minute

For businesses and professionals looking to have their videos professionally annotated.

  • All of our standard player features
  • Professional annotations
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Direct email access to the founder of Annotated to answer questions
  • No Annotated branding on your video player